What is the recommended torque for the lug nuts on an F150?

Hey guys, Today, I had to take off the front right wheel for something not related to the front dam.

I noticed that the nuts on the wheel were easy to loosen. After putting the wheel back on, I looked in the 2016 Owner’s Manual on Page 369 to see how tight the nuts should be: 150 Ft./lbs.

Then, I checked the other three wheels and found something surprising.

Is it bad to tighten each nut by 1/8 of a turn? Should I have checked the tightness after driving 100 miles?

Please share what you find. Now I’m curious if what I experienced was unusual.

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Tightening each nut by 1/8 of a turn is generally acceptable for wheel installation, but it’s crucial to ensure uniform torque across all nuts. Checking tightness after driving 100 miles is a good practice to account for any settling or adjustments needed.