What does 'SVT' stand for in Ford vehicles?

What does ‘SVT’ stand for in Ford models?

In Ford vehicles, “SVT” stands for Special Vehicle Team. It’s Ford’s high-performance division that designs and builds enhanced versions of their standard models, focusing on improved performance, handling, and features.

“SVT” stands for “Special Vehicle Team” in Ford models. It’s basically Ford’s way of saying they’ve souped up a vehicle to make it faster and more exciting. I’ve seen a few SVT models on the road, and let me tell you, they’re definitely something special

SVT stands for “Special Vehicle Team”, which was Ford’s in-house performance division from 1992 to 2014. The SVT team was responsible for engineering Ford’s highest performance cars and trucks, like the Mustang Cobra, F-150 Lightning, Shelby GT500, and Ford GT. Their mission was to create limited-production vehicles with balanced performance attributes - power, handling, braking, and ride quality - that would add excitement and luster to Ford’s lineup. All SVT vehicles were designed with four hallmarks in mind: performance, substance, exclusivity, and value. After over 20 years of producing some of Ford’s most iconic performance models, SVT merged with Ford Racing in 2014 to form the new Ford Performance division.