What does error code P0453 mean on a Ford F150?

I have a 2017 F150 with a 2.7L EcoBoost engine. My check engine light came on around 67,000 miles, showing error code P0453. I took it to a shop where they said the canister purge valve needed to be replaced, and they wanted to charge $99 for labor. Instead, I replaced it myself in about ten minutes, but the issue persisted.

After some research, I learned it might be the fuel tank pressure sensor detecting high pressure. I found discussions on forums about this code, suggesting the sensor might be accessed by dropping the gas tank, but the part mentioned didn’t match my truck.

My main question is, if I decide not to replace this sensor, is there any way to clear a permanent code? Has anyone fixed this issue without dropping the gas tank?

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A Ford F150’s error code P0453 usually denotes a problem with the pressure sensor circuit of the evaporative emission control system. This sensor is in charge of keeping an eye on the vapor management valve and the fuel tank’s internal pressure.