Top Brands for Truck Caps

I am getting a new truck and need to buy a truck cap. Can anyone recommend a company with excellent after-purchase customer service?

I currently have a LEER 100XQ with a carpeted interior, LED lighting, and tilt-out windows with screens. I bought it second-hand and needed bed rail clamps and a replacement sliding window, but LEER insisted I go to a dealer for parts. Later, I needed struts and weatherstripping, but LEER does not sell those for DIY repairs.

Since truck caps are expensive, I want a manufacturer that sells spare parts directly to customers. Has anyone had good experiences with other brands?

My colleague had issues with their LEER 100XQ struts, so we checked Leer for replacements. It’s important to be present during the repair for satisfaction. The struts, which help lift and hold the truck cap door, can wear out over time.
Regular maintenance includes checking for wear and ensuring compatibility when replacing. Weatherstripping, crucial for sealing the cap against water and debris, should be inspected regularly and replaced if damaged.
For parts, you can also visit Ensure a knowledgeable person does the repair, or do it yourself if you’re familiar with the process.

Flatbed Air-Topper: This brand provides an inflatable truck topper that can be easily stored and removed when not in use. It is a more cost-effective solution that can be installed by one person.

Some folks have good luck with ARE caps. They seem to sell replacement parts directly to customers, which is super convenient. Maybe check out their website or give them a call? Another option is to look at local truck cap retailers. They often stock parts from various brands and might be able to recommend a cap with a good after-sale reputation for parts availability.