Tire pressure sensor fault

I’m seeking advice regarding an issue I’m encountering. An alarm keeps going off on my dashboard indicating a “tire pressure sensor fault.” Despite checking my tire pressure multiple times and finding it to be correct, the alarm persists. I’ve noticed it tends to trigger after going over bumps. I’m not well-versed in TPMS sensors; could one be loose or prone to failure? I do have an OBD-II reader but haven’t retrieved any error codes yet. Would it be able to identify which sensor is causing the issue?

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It sounds like you may have a faulty tire pressure sensor or a loose connection. Since the alarm tends to trigger after bumps, it’s possible that a sensor is loose or malfunctioning. Your OBD-II reader should be able to retrieve error codes that could pinpoint the issue. I recommend checking for any error codes related to the tire pressure sensor system to identify the problem sensor. If none are found, it might be worth visually inspecting each sensor for any signs of damage or loose connections.