Software update for the integrated brake controller

I have owned a 2015 vehicle with the factory brake controller since it was new. I recently purchased a 2024 Casita. While towing, after about an hour or so, I start experiencing the same symptoms: I receive a “trailer disconnected” message followed shortly by a “trailer brake gain” message. This occurs randomly but persists once it starts.

I highly doubt it’s related to my truck’s connector since this is the first time I’ve towed with it. The trailer plug is securely fastened with a velcro strap and is not loose, corroded, or bent.

Can I obtain and install a trailer brake controller update myself?

Factory trailer brake controller updates are likely dealer-only due to special tools and knowledge needed. Focus on trailer wiring checks first. Consider a mechanic for diagnosis and potential controller update (if needed) later.

First, check your truck’s owner’s manual to see if there’s a troubleshooting section for the trailer brake controller.