Should I buy a 2006 Lariat?

Hi everyone,

This is my first time writing here. This Saturday, I’m planning to buy a (new to me) 2006 F-150 Lariat. Right now, it has 91,000 miles and seems to be in really good condition. I’m not a mechanic and don’t know much about trucks, except that I really want to have one again (my very first truck was a 1994 Ford Ranger). I’d like to hear about the good and bad points of getting an older truck, what I should expect, and what I should be careful of. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!

P.S. I currently drive a 2012 VW CC with 70,000 miles. Although I’m excited about getting a truck, I’m a bit worried that the truck is 6 years older and has 20,000 more miles. Should I be concerned about this?

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Hey there!
If you’re eyeing a 2006 Lariat, it’s a solid truck, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. First off, check if it’s got the 5.4L engine – those can have issues with cam phasers and spark plugs, so you’ll want to make sure those have been dealt with.

Listen for any ticking or knocking sounds from the engine, as that could be a sign of trouble.

Maintenance records are gold; they’ll tell you how well the truck’s been taken care of.
And don’t forget to think about the features you want.
The 2006 model might not have all the modern tech you’re used to, like Bluetooth or a backup camera, but you can always add those later.

Overall, the 2006 F-150 Lariat offers a great ride and handling, but it can feel a bit sluggish with the larger V8, and it’s missing some key safety features like side airbags.
So, if you’re cool with its quirks and you’ve got a good feeling about the truck’s condition, it could be a great buy.
Just make sure to give it a thorough test drive and maybe get a mechanic to give it a once-over.