Recommendations on Ford Oxford White Paint?

Hey Buddies,

I’m currently in the process of repainting my Ford, and I’m considering using Oxford White. I’ve seen a few different shades of white out there, so I wanted to get some advice from those who have experience with Ford’s Oxford White specifically. How does it hold up over time? Does it match well with the factory finish? Any tips on applying it or recommendations for brands? I want to make sure I get this right!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences. Thanks in advance…

White paint is typically thicker, but in the end, all paint chips and nothing is chip-proof. The main issue is often the color of the sealer. For instance, if a blue truck uses a gold sealer (which Ford likes for better color coverage), a chip will reveal the gold underneath and stand out. In contrast, a chip on a red truck would be less noticeable. A white or black truck with a matching sealer will show less chipping. The advantage of a contrasting sealer is that chips are more visible, allowing you to touch them up before they worsen, though your vehicle will look more chipped.

As a painter, I recommend black or white for easier touch-ups that still look good. These colors are easier to match if something needs repainting. White is simpler for blow-ins, while black is better for future gravel guard or texture coating fixes, though black is notorious for showing scratches. Red and yellow fade the fastest, with yellow turning brownish and red becoming pink or burgundy. Silvers and greys are fairly neutral but can be tricky as plastic parts often don’t match well due to metallic flops, requiring blended colors. Blue and green shades also fade, greying out with scratches and being harder to match.