Park brake malfunction service now

I’m getting a “park brake malfunction service now” message on my 2019 Ford Fusion, and it won’t go into service mode. I just got the car, and it did rain last night. Could the damp weather be causing this issue, and what should I do to resolve it?

My brakes were all replaced, along with my uncle’s. After our test drive, I’m constantly seeing the warning “Park Brake Malfunction Service Now” on my screen. Both of us tried to put the car in maintenance mode, but we couldn’t. We discovered that although the automobile does engage the parking brake, it doesn’t recognise it. We disconnected and reconnected the battery in the hopes that there was a mistake, but it was unable to enter service mode once more.

The following are shown: 1. the check engine light; 2. a circle with the symbol for electricity inside it, encircled by parenthesis; and 3. 3. Below that, it reads “BRAKE,” with a circle containing an exclamation point and the letter P placed separately.

Would someone care to clarify this if they have experienced this problem? Thank You :melting_face: :melting_face: :melting_face: