New Black Widow

Hi Everyone…

I just purchased a new Black Widow edition yesterday. I was really impressed with this truck coming from a Ram Rebel. Anyway, this particular Black Widow package comes with rock lights that are supposed to be Bluetooth controlled. The dealer wasn’t even aware these were on the truck until I called them to ask how to turn them off (didn’t know they were there until
it started getting dark and saw the underside of the truck all lit up).

The dealer tried to call SCA to get information on the lights, but since it was the weekend, they were unsuccessful.

The controller under the hood has a big X on it and then a smaller “bt” next to the X. I have tried searching but can’t find a specific brand that has a matching controller. No paperwork included with the truck indicates the rock lights are even installed.

Does anyone know what brand SCA might have used for the rock lights? I’ve pulled the inline fuse for now so as not to kill my battery, but really hoping to just learn what’s the correct app I need to control the lights.

Congratulations on your new Black Widow edition! For the Bluetooth rock lights on your Black Widow truck, try a universal rock light app to connect and control them. If that doesn’t work, contact SCA for specific guidance.

Another option is to see if your local Ford dealership (different from the original one) has any service technicians familiar with the Black Widow package.

They might be able to identify the brand based on the controller or wiring.