New Battery 59 or 65 series

My truck has had an Interstate TOTL battery, albeit the 59 series, for just over 5 years, and it has started the truck without any problems, even during the recent -23 Fahrenheit days. I have done some research and it appears that a member says I should acquire the 65 series (850 CCA or such).

The 59 is the standard battery (590 CCA or such), according to my owner’s manual, and the 65 is the heavy duty battery.The 65/850 CCA battery is available in the Machismo states, and Walmart’s MAXX battery is slightly less priced (it looks like a win-win situation)…Many local Walmarts indicate that the heavy duty option is out of stock, so I will have to look around for it.

Has anyone made the conversion, and does the 65 series fit in the same tray as the 59?..Using a multimeter to check my battery indicates it should be fine, but since it is only five years old and the warranty is about to expire, I feel like I am renting this Interstate for a while.Only the 59 series of the Interstate replacement are displayed by Costco; the 65 series is absent.

Any comments you would like to provide would be greatly valued.


A 65 will definitely fit in. All Ford vehicles come equipped with a 65-size tray. None of my trucks have a 59 engine; instead, they are all 65s.

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The 65’s interior plate structure is tighter, which could result in early sulfation or mechanical failure. Increased capacity is the benefit. For the 59, the opposite is true. Given that you haven’t had any problems, choose the quality 59 if it functions better and lasts longer than the 65.