Leveling Kit 2023 F150

The ready lift is $229.

MotoFab costs $82.

Is the difference significant?

This example demonstrates how the front wheel toe-in can be adjusted using the Read Lift (the “better” one among the “good, better, and best”).

How important is that?


There is a significant price difference of $229 between the Ready Lift and $82 for MotoFab.

Although toe adjustment is demonstrated in the Ready Lift video, it is probably intended for use in scenarios where the suspension height has already been changed.

The MotoFab, which costs $82, seems like a superior choice in your situation. Like a wheel alignment, toe-in adjustment is essential for even tire wear and safe handling.

Therefore, the MotoFab is a better option for your current needs even though the Ready Lift can be a useful tool for lifted trucks.

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