Is Fuel Induction Service Necessary for Ford Cars?

Hi Ford Enthusiasts,

I have a 2018 Ford Fusion with about 60,000 miles on it. I’ve been sticking to the maintenance schedule pretty strictly, but during my last dealership visit, the service advisor recommended a fuel induction service.

I’m not exactly sure what this service involves or if it’s really necessary. I did some research, and opinions seem to vary a lot. Some people say it’s crucial for keeping the engine clean and running well, while others think it’s just an upsell tactic from dealerships.

Could anyone share their experiences or insights on whether a fuel induction service is actually beneficial for Ford cars, or if it’s something I can skip? …TIA

I haven’t seen fuel induction service listed in my owner’s manual’s mileage-based maintenance schedule. However, I’ve found it beneficial to include in my car maintenance routine, aiming for every 60,000 miles or whenever performance starts to lag.

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That makes sense. I’ve been wondering about whether to include it in my routine too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Hey Ford fan! Been there with the service advisor recommendations for a fuel induction service. Here’s what I found digging around.

  • Cleans fuel system: might improve performance and gas mileage, but…
  • Not on Ford’s schedule: Skip it if your car runs well.
  • Consider it for problems: Rough idling, low gas mileage, or hesitation could be signs to try it.
  • Alternatives: Top-tier gas and check your manual.
  • Unsure? Talk to a trusted mechanic, not the dealership.