How to fix open ground outlet

My back seat (center console) AC outlet has an open ground, and I can’t figure out the cause. Any suggestions? I’ve searched the forums but haven’t found any relevant threads. It’s a 2013 Platinum with EcoBoost.

You can not use a plastic box here. Plastic bins are only for: open wiring on insulators, concealed knob-and-tube wiring, cabled wiring methods with entirely nonmetallic sheaths, flexible cords, and nonmetallic raceways

If this is an AC cable, the armor can be on the ground. You connect it to a listed fitting for a metal box and then run your device grounds to the box.

If it’s old-style BX, you do the same thing but realize there might be problems.

If it’s type MC, then there should be a ground wire there

Sounds like you’re dealing with an open ground issue in your 2013 Platinum EcoBoost’s center console AC outlet. Don’t worry, I’ve seen others on forums facing this too. While I couldn’t find specific threads, I can suggest searching for “2013 F-150 AC outlet open ground” to see if broader results offer troubleshooting tips.