How much would you pay for this 2019 GT Premium (37,000 miles)?

I have owned this car for a year, and it has been well maintained. Since I am about to become a father, I need a more family-friendly vehicle. I would like to know what you all think this car is worth. The tires are only a year old with plenty of tread left no burnouts, unfortunately. The interior is in great condition, and there are just a few minor exterior blemishes from daily use. I am hoping to get $40-45k for it.

In the photos, there is a crack on the windshield, but it has been professionally replaced.

$40–45k is what I’d like to receive for the car.

Without providing any further details (AT or MT? Pack of performance? etc.)

Dude, you can usually get a Bullitt of that year with fewer kilometers and in the same condition for forty to forty-five. When the Bullitt debuts with the PP1 modifications and certain engine enhancements, not to mention the potential addition of a magnitude suspension, it will be difficult to defend spending that much for a standard GT. You’re asking for too much, unless there’s a PP2 fitted on that GT, considering you can get a mechanically better example from the same year—in a limited edition, no less—for the money you’re aiming for.

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Certainly, the market has improved, but not significantly.
While it’s good to aim high and question valuations, in this case, your expectations seemed overly optimistic.
However, there’s no harm in asking.