How much does a dyno tune cost?

I have a 2013 V6 Mustang and want to make some upgrades. I called a well-known tune shop and expected the cost to be $400-600. But they told me it would be $650 plus $350 for dyno runs. That seems too expensive to me. What do you think? Your opinions and advice would be appreciated!


I think I was instructed to have my car dyno tuned with a 93 and an e85 tune for $300–400. However, I had a lot of other stuff to complete, so perhaps they made me a deal? Though it does seem a little high.

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Yes, the quote you received seems to be somewhat costly.

I concur with another commenter that your car might sound better with a mail order tune.

Since I’m not particularly knowledgeable about the V6 Mustang community, I’d advise searching online and reading forums to learn what the general consensus is regarding the best V6 Mustang tuners.

Request an MPT track. It’s great. It’s also lot cheaper.