How do you reset the ambient air sensor?

Does anyone know how to reset the ambient air temperature sensor? I tried pressing the recirculate button and the AC for 2 seconds, then just the AC for 3 seconds, and then the recirculate and max AC button for 16 seconds. I also tried clearing the DTC in Forscan, but it didn’t work; the problem came right back. I replaced the sensor and harness under the grill, but that didn’t work either. It still thinks it’s 50 degrees outside and the AC is blowing hot air.

Ford wants $200 to reset it, but why can’t I do it myself? Any help would be appreciated. This is for a 2017 F-150 2.7L 2WD.

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Resetting the ambient air temperature sensor on your 2017 F-150 can be tricky.

But if you want to do it for yourself please try these:

  1. Verify Button Presses: Make sure you’re using the right button combo for your model year (check online resources).
  2. Drive and Relearn: Drive for 15+ minutes at highway speeds to allow the system to relearn the temperature.
  3. Check Fuse Box: A blown fuse might be the culprit (consult your owner’s manual for fuse location).

If these fail, consider a mechanic or a different dealership for help. Good luck!

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The state of the air sensor is frustrating! For the 2.7L engine in your 2017 F-150, try these suggestions:

Verify Again: Depending on the model year you have, the combination of buttons may vary. Find verified reset instructions for 2017 F-150s by visiting online forums.
It Could Need More for Forscan: Occasionally, more actions are needed to clear DTCs in Forscan. Try searching Forscan for instructions on how to reset the ambient air sensor.
Professional Assist: A mechanic may have more sophisticated equipment or be familiar with an other reset technique, even though the $200 fee still stings.

Excellent if you can get away from the dealer fee! Though perhaps the simplest answer lies in their experience.

Try disconnecting the battery for about 10 minutes, then reconnecting it. This may reset some systems (although not necessarily all), but it’s worth trying as the first step.

Resetting an ambient air sensor typically isn’t possible in the same way you might reset a computer.