How do I replace rocker panels myself?

Hey there, I’ve watched videos on how to replace rocker panels and am thinking about trying it myself. Body shops charge around $3,000 per side. Has anyone done this before and then had a body shop paint them? Thanks.

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hi brother my advise is replacing rocker panels involves metal cutting, welding or riveting, and rustproofing. If you’re not comfortable with these tasks, it’s best to consult a professional body shop to ensure a safe and lasting repair.

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my suggestion is you follow this simple steps

Step 1: Remove the old metal using an angle grinder.
Step 2: Clear away lingering flakes and rust with a pry bar and hammer.
Step 3: Grind or sand away remaining rust and paint with 50-grit discs.
Step 4: Coat cleaned edges with a rust inhibitor or rust-inhibiting paint.
Step 5: Mark and drill holes for riveting or welding.
Step 6: Smooth out drill hole edges with a flat disc on the grinder.

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Depending. What is your workspace, what tools are available, and are you interested in metalworking? Many methods exist for fixing this, with differing degrees of difficulty and equipment needed.

Do you own an air compressor and a welder? Do you want to spend more money on safety equipment and tools than just hand tools, or are you willing to use what you already have to get by for a year or two? How much money can you set aside for the endeavor, or maybe hire someone else to complete the task?

I would be pleased to provide some guidance and information based on your description since I have completed rockers, cab corners, and flooring on a number of these trucks and have done bodywork for a number of years both at home and at a bodyshop.

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It looks like you’ve been doing your research on replacing rocker panels yourself!

It requires welding skills and specific tools.

It’s recommended to consult a professional body shop for a safe and high-quality job.

hi enthusiasts replacing rocker panels is a complex task that is best suited for experienced DIYers with welding skills and knowledge of metalwork.