How can I turn off MyKey on a Ford without the admin key?

Hey guys, Is it possible to turn off MyKey on my Ford without an admin key?

Hey, if you just turned on MyKey and it wasn’t on before, then the key you used is the Admin key. You should be able to turn it off with the same key.LOL!

Thanks for the useful info! I’ll give it a try. but what if you disconnect the battery, will it help?

You really can’t do it without a second key. This is one of the biggest issues I have with MyKey. Plus, it doesn’t warn you that enabling it is a permanent change unless you have that second key.

Instead of going through a dealership, try local locksmiths. I work at a Ford dealership, and we have a guy who comes around in a van. If you’re on his route, he’ll even come to your house or job. The company we use is called Car Key Express, but there are probably dozens of services like this. We go with him because he’s cheaper than our service department.

It won’t, Trust me. I have tried and nothing.

Thanks! I just had this mykey shit start popping up on my 2018 Escape. Didnt enable anything. Don’t have a second key.

Sorry Lad. Though Feel free to reach out anytime for guidance.