Give me information on lead frame f150

My Ford F150’s lead frame has been giving me some worrying problems, resulting in electrical hiccups and performance stutters. Although I’ve heard about lead frame issues in Ford cars, I’m not sure what the specifics are or how my truck may be affected. Is there anyone who can clarify the lead frame problem with F150s? What are the warning indications of danger and what actions are necessary to resolve or avert such issues? Any information would be very helpful.

The term “lead frame F150” doesn’t correspond to any specific concept or product in the automotive industry that I’m aware of. It’s possible that it might be a typo or a misinterpretation. If you could provide more context or clarify what you’re referring to, I’d be happy to help you with information on the topic.

So, this little gadget is part of your transmission, and it’s pretty crucial for making sure your gears shift smoothly.
It’s like a bridge that carries signals from the transmission control module to the solenoids in the valve body.
Think of it as the communication lines that tell your truck when to shift gears.

Now, if you’ve got a model from 2010 to 2012, you might have the 6R80 lead frame.
Ford updated this part, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.
Some folks have had issues with it, like erratic shifting or the transmission getting stuck in a gear.
And if it goes kaput, you’re usually looking at a repair bill between $250 to $450.

If you’re having trouble with your lead frame, you’re not alone. It’s a known problem, and it can throw up some error codes that’ll have you scratching your head.
The best bet? Get a pro to take a look. It’s not really a DIY job since you need special tools and know-how to fix it up right