Ford Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

I’m seeking input on an issue I’ve encountered with my vehicle. The dashboard alarm keeps indicating a “tire pressure sensor fault,” despite multiple checks confirming the tire pressure is correct. Interestingly, I’ve observed that the alarm triggers after going over a bump. I’m not well-versed in TPMS sensors—is it plausible that one might be loose or failing? I do own an OBD-II reader but haven’t retrieved any error codes. Would pulling the codes help identify the problematic sensor?

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Tire pressure sensor warning light going off even after inflating tires? You’re right, bumps might be triggering a faulty sensor. My OBD-II reader might not help, but a mechanic can use special tools to diagnose the exact problem and replace the sensor if needed. Don’t ignore the warning, it can impact safety and gas mileage!

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Sorry, it’s a 2009 XLT Supercrew, 5.4. I believe the battery is less than two years old, so I’ll start by checking that. I’m surprised it might be related to this issue, but since two of you mentioned it, I’ll make it my first step. I haven’t seen the sensor or how it’s attached, so I’m wondering if it might not be fastened tightly. Could that be a possibility? Is the sensor located on the back side of the valve stem, and is it all one piece?

It seems there might be an issue with the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor in your vehicle. If the dashboard alarm for “tire pressure sensor fault” activates after hitting a bump, it’s possible that a sensor might be loose or malfunctioning. Although your OBD-II reader hasn’t shown any error codes, it could still be useful to check for codes specifically related to the TPMS.