Flareside VS Styleside

I occasionally come into the topic descriptions when discussing the 2010. It is the box style, I suppose. Could someone explain the differences to me or provide pictures?

Here’s a comparison of the Flareside and Styleside bed styles on Ford trucks: The Flareside, also known as the Fleetside, features a truck bed with straight sides that are flush with the cab. This gives the bed a clean, streamlined look. In contrast, the Styleside has a more traditional truck bed design with flared out fenders that extend past the cab. The Flareside bed is narrower overall, while the Styleside is wider to accommodate the fender flares. Both offer the same bed length options, but the Flareside’s straight sides provide a bit more usable width inside the bed. Styleside beds are more common, as the flared fenders are a classic truck styling cue. However, the Flareside’s simpler lines appeal to some owners looking for a more modern, minimalist look. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and the specific look you want for your Ford truck. Both bed styles are durable and functional, so it’s really about choosing the one you find most aesthetically pleasing.