Expedition suspension lift

It appears that I will be selling my F150 and may purchase a 2007 EL Limited 4x4 that I believe I can get for a good price. After conducting some research, I’ve discovered that leveling kits 2-3" are the only lift available. I’ve read that the main issue with lifting them is the trac system, however since it’s 2014, you would think that a suspension lift business would have solved this.

So, does anyone know of a suspension lift for these that is 6–12"? Ideally bolt on, but the business can also perform some excellent fab work, so I’d accept it. Regards.


It’s just the 3-2 spacer lift. I recently traded in my 2007 El last year. The rsc was the issue that lift firms were facing. Additionally, someone was reported for doing a one-off on a red one for Sema, and it was said that he kept breaking axles. The front and rear axles of the Expedient are independent. Off road, the 3-2 is highly capable and allows you to run 34.5 tires without any rubbing. I had that. After I put 70k on it, it continued to drive just as well as stock and I had no problems with any other parts wearing down.

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I had 20x10 rims with a 25 offset and 305/55/20 tires with no rubbing issues. The front setup is the same, but adding just a 2" lift to the rear could cause handling problems and likely upset the Advancetrac system. This system is quite sensitive and can’t be fully turned off. It activates with any difference in rear wheel speed, excessive body lean, or any yaw.

Being an SUV, it already has a higher center of gravity compared to an F-150, which increases its tendency to lean. Adding a reverse rake would likely exacerbate this issue. The rear suspension is fairly complex, and even installing a 2" puck was difficult. I’m not sure if you could install a 3" puck without maxing out the geometry. If you can afford to experiment and still want to, good luck—I hope it works out. You would likely have a unique setup.