Does Ford own Mazda?

Hey guys, So I’ve been hearing some rumors about Ford being the parent company to Mazda, Is it true? Anyone with reliable information?

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No, Ford does not own Mazda. Mazda is its own company. They just used to be partners and continue having close ties.

Yes, it’s true that Ford Motor Company has had a significant ownership stake in Mazda in the past. Ford first acquired a 25% stake in Mazda in 1979, which later increased to a controlling interest of 33.4% by 1996.

Hello Donna, No, Ford does not currently own Mazda. In the past, Ford held a significant stake in Mazda. Here’s a brief history:

  • 1979: Ford acquired a 24.5% stake in Mazda.
  • 1995: Ford increased its ownership to 33.4%.
  • 2008-2015: Ford gradually sold its shares due to financial reasons.
  • 2015: Ford sold most of its remaining stake, ending most production and development ties.

Today, Mazda operates independently, although the two companies still share a 50/50 joint venture in a manufacturing facility in Thailand.