Do E-rated tires improve handling when towing?

Hello Ford lovers, I have a 2019 F150 Max Tow EB with an 1826 payload. It has OEM tires now. Will switching to E-rated tires improve towing handling? Thanks, Mike.

Hallo brother my take is E-rated tires have stronger construction with more plies, leading to stiffer sidewalls. This increased sidewall stiffness reduces flex, improving stability and handling, especially when towing heavy loads or making turns.

The thicker construction of E-rated tires also enhances puncture resistance, crucial for towing off-road or on rough roads.

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Hello there considering they are stiffer and have a higher load carrying capacity they are perfect for towing, though not so comfortable when driving with no load, too stiff with no load

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Hello, F-150 fam! '19 Max Tow EB (1826 payload) with stock tires. E-rated for towing stability? Yes, firmer sidewalls give you more control over your load. Expect a stiffer ride when unloaded. #FordTrucks

Those are the exact tires I use in E load. They didn’t really change how the car rode, but they did lose about 1.1 to 1.5 mpg when from stock tires. To speed up or slow down, you have to either walk farther or press down on the pedal harder.

Because I usually go camping by myself and my gear weighs about 700 pounds in the bed, I chose an e-load. Ruggedness was also very important to me.

Since I work from home, most of the miles I drive are for camping or hiking.