Dearborn or KC? Where are specific F150’s made?

Is there anyone who knows what decides the location of vehicle manufacturing?

Does Dearborn provide certain trims or cabs?

I did hear recently about a certain color—I believe it was space white—that was produced at the Kansas City factory.
Does the hue dictate the place of manufacture then?

Do both factories make fleet trucks?

What about the region of the nation they aim to travel to in order to identify the plant where they will be produced?

I simply find it difficult to accept that it is random.

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Guard, Race Red, and Space White are only available through KCAP.

DTP exclusively for Smoked Quartz and Kodiak Beown.

All hybrids, diesel vehicles, Platinum and Limited models, Raptors, and anything with power running boards are built by DTP. All BEVs will be constructed by DTP once the plant is operational.

KCAP constructs all standard trucks, including those with eight-foot beds and HDPP.

That is the only thing that immediately comes to mind, though there might be more.

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The number of divisions is rather high. All F150s with an 8-foot standard bed and HDPP F150s are manufactured in Kansas City. Kansas City focuses more on functional builds, while Dearborn tends to concentrate more on luxury builds.