Dealer Recommendations for Central Fl?

For the past few months, I’ve been searching online, but I can’t seem to find someplace in Florida that doesn’t charge extra. Does anyone know of a dealer charging MSRP close to Central Florida? Even though I know it’s doubtful, I still thought I’d ask.

I’ve used Mullinax Ford for my Mav XL, it was straightforward with no surprise fees, exactly what I had established at the time of the order.

I create a spreadsheet before going car shopping (as opposed to ordering as I did with my Maverick).

MSRP (Y/N) Dealer Distance Contact Number

Make calls to each dealer in your realistic travel distance (I’ll fly there if it’s the correct car, but that’s just me).

However, if you’ve been hunting for months, you may have already been scheduled if you simply ordered the one you wanted at MSRP.

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Apopka or Mullinax Kissimmee.