Can a Bad Oil Pressure Sensor Cause Rough Idle?

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I’m experiencing a rough idle in my car and suspect it might be the oil pressure sensor. Can a faulty oil pressure sensor actually cause rough idling? Has anyone else had this issue? Any insights or advice would be really helpful. Thanks in advance!

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Faulty oil pressure sensor could be your culprit. It monitors oil pressure and tells the engine computer how much fuel to mix. If it’s malfunctioning, the engine might run rough due to a bad air-fuel mixture. This is a common issue - others have had similar problems. Get your car checked by a mechanic for a diagnosis, but a bad oil pressure sensor sounds like a good place to start

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Yes, harsh idling can be caused by a malfunctioning oil pressure sensor. Let’s say the engine control unit (ECU) receives inaccurate information from the sensor. If that is the case, it may lead to irregular oil flow and insufficient lubrication, which may cause vibrations and unequal idle performance.

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Usually, a rough idle is not directly caused by a malfunctioning oil pressure sensor. The oil pressure sensor is in charge of keeping track of the engine’s oil pressure and relaying this information to the oil pressure gauge or computer in the car. Although faulty readings from the sensor may result in a false oil pressure warning light or gauge readings, they typically don’t impact engine performance or cause rough idling.