Best Wheel Spacers Brand

Hey everyone, I’m looking into giving my trusty Ford a more aggressive stance with some wheel spacers. But with so many brands out there, it’s tough to know who to trust. Safety is a major concern, of course, so I want to make sure I get a high-quality product. From my research, it seems like Bora and H&R are popular choices. Anyone have experience with these brands, or any other recommendations for top-notch wheel spacers specifically for Fords?
Also, any insights on ideal spacer thickness to avoid rubbing or needing modifications?

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Want your Ford to look tougher? Wheel spacers can push your wheels out for a wider stance, but safety is essential! Bora and H&R are quality brands. Bora is less expensive than H&R, but the latter may last longer. Eibach and Spidertrax are further possibilities. Don’t exceed 1.25 inches in spacer thickness without consulting a mechanic beforehand. Check out online forums for your Ford model to see what other owners suggest to avoid difficulties. If you’re unsure about anything, ask a mechanic for assistance!

Anything exceeding 1.25 inches (or 32mm) often requires modifications to avoid rubbing.