Best spray on bedliner

My official first post to the forum, Just bought a 2022 F150 XLT and want to protect the bed. Is a plastic drop in bed liner the way to go or get a spray in bedliner. If a spray in is the way to go what kind should I get?

I think they are great IF they fit your use case. I’m a landscaper so they kinda suck for me. They are highly textured, so forget about sliding a heavy box across the bed, and the texture makes it very hard to clean dirt out of them. We use those roller tarps on the bed to crank out a load of material, and that would just rip to shreds on us if we had the liner.

But if you are a tradesman, or load dirt bikes and other toys, they are a fantastic way to protect the bed and stop your load from sliding.

Look up Project Farm on YouTube, he did a great video on the different brands.

Congrats on the F150!I feel that both options have their strengths and weaknesses. Owing to its disposable nature and design, a plastic drop-in liner ensures easy installation and removal of the container; however, the liner holds moisture underneath hence causing rust. A spray-in liner is generally considered as a better option because it offers more durability compared to drop-in liner, enhanced protection and surface finish. Some of the popular brands that you may find on the market include Line-X, Rhino Linings and the like. Looking at your usage and the best fit for your usage in terms of the money aspect is another thing you should think of.

What kind of bed liner do you find works best for your landscaping needs? Maybe something smoother or easier to clean?