Best riding tires

Can someone suggest a good riding tire? During hunting season, I drive largely on the highway and occasionally off-road. Though I enjoy the aggressive appearance of all terrain, I do not like how the original Wranglers rode. Perhaps the 20-inch wheel is the only thing that is to blame. White lettering is also preferred, although it is not a deal breaker. 20-inch wheels on the 2018 F150 screw lariat. Snow is a factor because I live in the northeast.

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The three trucks I have had with Michelins have all had excellent all-around performance from them. They are quiet and provide a smooth ride. Although I can already feel a difference, I purchased a 2020 4x4 with Goodyear tires a few months ago, and they appear to ride and perform okay so far. Please let us know the outcome. I am thinking about getting a new tire in about 15k, and the Michelin LTX AT2 are on my list.

When it comes to all-season grand touring tires for cars and trucks, Pirelli is the leader in comfort. You would require the Scorpion AS plus 3s, I think.

The Pirelli P7 All Season 3 tires that I have on my wagon are excellent. Like you, I wanted them for comfort and noise.

Additionally, Vredestein produces excellent grand touring tires that ought to be fairly similar.

Forget the aggressive all-terrains! You want a smoother ride for your F-150 on those hunting trips, right? Here are some comfy highway tires that can still handle some off-roading, all with white lettering and good for snowy weather:

Michelin Defender LTX: Great all-around tire, quiet ride, lasts a long time (white letters).
BFGoodrich Long Trail T/A Tour: Smooth ride, good in all weather (including snow), also quiet (white raised letters).
Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus: Good on and off-road, comfortable, long tread life (white letters).

Remember, the 20-inch wheels might affect ride quality too. Consider going down to 18-inch wheels for an even smoother experience!

For your 2018 F-150 Lariat with 20-inch wheels, here are some excellent riding tires that suit your preference for on-road driving, occasional off-roading, and winter performance:

  1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S: This all-season light truck tire offers a good balance of on-road comfort, all-weather traction, and off-road capability. It features white lettering on the sidewall.
  2. Continental TerrainContact H/T: A highway terrain all-season tire that prioritizes on-road comfort and handling while still providing decent off-road traction. It also has white lettering available.
  3. Bridgestone Dueler Alenza Plus: An all-season touring tire designed for a quiet and comfortable ride on pavement. It handles occasional dirt roads and light snow well. While it doesn’t have white lettering on the sidewall, it comes in a variety of sizes, including one for your 20-inch wheels.

Toyo Celsius, in my opinion, are a silica-based tyre, which weathers slower and does not harden as much in colder weather as a full petroleum-based tire. Furthermore, because they are silica-based, they provide improved fuel efficiency.