Best oil for 2015 F150 5.0 v8

I am preparing for my first oil change this weekend. Which oil do you guys recommend? There are also filters.


For my 2017 Ford F150 v8 5.0L, I use Mobil 1 full synthetic with a Fram synthetic filter (can not remember the weight at this time of night; check the handbook). It is a little expensive, but it only requires two oil changes each year depending on driving.


The SAE 5W-20 or SAE 5W-30 motor oil is recommended for Ford F-150s equipped with 5.0L V8 engines.

My husband uses Mobil 1 full synthetic 5w20 with a Wix/Napa oil filter.

For Ford F-150s equipped with 5.0L V8 engines, it is recommended to use SAE 5W-20 or SAE 5W-30 motor oil.

We appreciate you sharing your 2017 Ford F150 V8 5.0L oil preference. A Fram synthetic filter combined with a Mobil 1 full synthetic is a great combination. Knowing that, depending on your driving patterns, it only needs two oil changes a year is a wonderful thing. It’s usually a good idea to consult the guidebook for the suggested oil weight.

These engines don’t require a specific type of oil, but you should change it regularly based on the oil you use. It’s best to use an OE filter, like the Motorcraft fl-500, which is easy to find at Walmart. I prefer using Mobil 1 or Amsoil for my gas vehicles. Although Amsoil is the best, it is more expensive.

1st oil change for your 2015 F150 5.0 V8? Look for SAE 5W-20 oil certified for gas engines (API symbol on the bottle). Full synthetic is great, but a high-quality blend works too (Mobil 1, Castrol, Valvoline all good options).

For the filter, either a genuine Motorcraft (FL-500S) or a reputable aftermarket brand (Wix, K&N) will work well.

Check your owner’s manual for oil capacity and recycle your used oil!