Are Mustang V6s Really THAT Bad?

Hi all

I’ve been eyeing a few V6 Mustangs since they’re within my budget, but I can’t help but notice all the hate and criticism they get. Are they really that bad? Will I end up regretting my decision? I can’t afford a V8, and V6 models are much more accessible in my area. However, I’m starting to feel skeptical about whether a V6 Mustang is a good choice…


Once you experience driving both, you’ll truly understand the irresistible appeal of the v8. I absolutely love the power and the incredible sound it makes. Whether you like it, desire it, or regret it, your personal experience is what truly matters. I don’t have the authority to make any of those decisions for you or predict how you will feel.


I’ve owned a 2014 V6 for more than a year now, using it year-round, and I have no regrets. It provides ample power for everyday use, and with some modifications, it becomes incredibly enjoyable to drive.


I own a 2015 V6, which I acquired after trading in my 4-cylinder Civic. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment with it. The engine size provides ample power for fun without constantly tempting me to make reckless decisions.

However, I’ve encountered issues with the Sync system. It frequently experiences electrical shorts, necessitating the physical removal of the fuse to reset. Additionally, the gas tank opening can be problematic at some stations, as the nozzle doesn’t securely stay in place with the auto sensor, making refueling challenging.

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My first car purchase was a new 2011 V6, chosen because it fit my budget at the time. I cherished that car for 3 years before upgrading to a new leftover 2012 GT/CS once my finances improved. After holding onto it for 6 years, I sold it and then purchased the GT350.

When considering your first car, prioritize affordability. Is a V8 preferable? Absolutely, offering superior performance in every aspect except fuel efficiency. Remember, you can always upgrade later.

People often disdain the V6 simply because it’s not the V8, plain and simple. Will it win a street race? Probably not. But why race on the street in the first place? There’s plenty of fun to be had without that. Plus, they often offer better mileage.

My first car was a '65 model with a 200ci straight 6 swapped in, replacing the original 170ci straight 6. Sure, a 200ci straight 6 with a one-barrel carburetor that burned through a quart of oil weekly wasn’t breaking any speed records. But was it enjoyable to drive? Absolutely! It could spin donuts in the snow effortlessly. Did it attract attention? Yes, indeed. The fact that it was a 6-cylinder didn’t detract from its appeal.

Given the choice between having a Mustang with a 6-cylinder engine or no Mustang at all, I’d take the Mustang any day.