Are Ford Explorers reliable?

I’m looking to buy a second Explorer for my wife. We have a 2004 model with low mileage that runs great, but it has a timing guide rattle issue. I want to find a safe and reliable older model. Any recommendations? Has Ford fixed the rattle issue in newer models after 2004?

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Hey Mason, I feel they aren’t because of late. you see I have a 2021 ST, and the tires cost me $2,100 :sob::sob::sob:. Additionally, my screen cuts in and out every day, and Ford says they don’t have a solution to fix it yet.

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Fantastic! They soon began tossing around a lot of electronics, and things quickly got worse lol.

The latest 2021 Ford Explorers have received a reliability rating of “Great” from JD Power and Associates in their Vehicle Dependability Studies.

I have a 2020 Explorer that I bought a month ago. It has spent 3 weeks at the dealer with a transmission problem. I’ve heard that the new 10-speed transmission is one of Ford’s biggest failures in the last 50 years. Definitely look up 2020 and 2021 Explorer transmission issues. Also, the double moon roof leaks. It’s been a real hassle.