Are Ford Escapes good cars?

I’ve always been a Ford guy. I had a 2013 Ford Fusion with the 2.5 engine, and it was dependable, but the transmission often had delays when shifting. Now I’m considering 2014-2017 Ford Escapes, especially those with the 2.0 EcoBoost engine, although I wasn’t keen on turbos originally. It seems like that’s the only option with more features. How do you all feel about your Escapes? Are they reliable? Have you had any major issues? I’m planning to keep my next vehicle for a long time. My Fusion would still be with me, but it was totaled. Thanks!

The Ford Escape, especially with the 2.0 EcoBoost engine from 2014-2017, gets good marks overall. It’s reliable with decent power, though being turbocharged. Some folks mention minor issues with electronics or transmission, but it’s generally a solid choice if you’re into Fords and looking for a long-term ride.

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The Ford Escape is generally considered a good car, especially for those looking for a compact SUV.

Since they were released, I have experienced five distinct escapes. These are excellent cars. The most recent versions are often better cars, despite being smaller and lower. I have almost 100,000 miles on my first one. They are incredibly trustworthy. They never caused me any problems.

I moved to a truck because I needed greater room for cargo and the ability to tow a camper.

Having been a loyal Ford enthusiast myself, I can relate to your experiences with the 2013 Ford Fusion and its transmission quirks. When my Fusion was totaled, I shifted my focus to the 2014-2017 Ford Escapes, particularly attracted to the 2.0 EcoBoost for its blend of power and features, despite my initial hesitation about turbo engines. Many Escape owners report satisfaction with its performance and reliability, though some mention issues like coolant leaks and transmission problems. Regular maintenance and addressing issues promptly seem to mitigate major concerns. If you’re planning to keep your next vehicle long-term, ensuring thorough pre-purchase inspections and keeping up with maintenance should help make the Escape a dependable choice, much like your trusted Fusion.