Any thoughts on the 2024 6.8L V8?

I’m in the market for a new truck and need help deciding between a new 2024 6.8L, a 2022 7.3L with 47k miles, or a 2021 6.2L with 46k miles. All options are 4x4 crew cabs, and my budget is $60k out the door. The 6.2L is the cheapest of the three. I regularly tow 3-5k lbs, with occasional loads up to 10k lbs for work, and I drive over 30k miles each year. Any advice on which truck would be the best choice for my needs…

Go with the 2024 6.8L V8. It offers the best power, latest tech, and long-term reliability for your towing and mileage needs.

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I wouldn’t take the 6.2. My score is 7.3, which is significantly higher than 6.2. Although I haven’t driven one, I’ve heard nice things about the 6.8.