Any recommendations on lug nuts?

Currently, one tire has 21-size lug nuts, while the rest are 22. Can anyone recommend affordable lug nuts that are all the same size?

I discovered one tire on my car had 21-size lug nuts, while the others were 22. It was frustrating because it made tire changes more complicated. After some searching, I found a set of affordable, high-quality lug nuts from Gorilla Automotive.

They offer a variety of sizes, and I was able to get a uniform set that matched my 22-size requirement. The process was straightforward, and swapping them out was quick and easy. Now, all my tires have matching lug nuts, making maintenance much simpler and hassle-free.

It’s 22mm since the studs are metric (14x1. 5). HOWEVER, you can use either and be fine as 7/8 is ever so slightly larger than 22mm. The way sockets and wrenches are made inexactly (for lack of a better term), a 7/8 socket will fit 22mm and vice-versa

Cheap oak nuts should be used with the metals so that problems don’t happen again. When I worked at a Toyota dealership, all steel sets came with lug nuts.