2024 Lariat Powerboost Payload Capacity

Hey everyone, newbie here.

I’ve got a 2024 Lariat Powerboost 502A 4x4 short bed on order with 7.2kw ProPower, Bed utility package, Trailer/Tow package, and Twin Panel moonroof.

I anticipate my payload will be around 1300-1400 lbs. My concern is that my Grand Design 2400BH currently has a fully loaded tongue weight of 800 lbs.

I believe I can stay just under the maximum payload by 50-100 lbs, but it’ll be tight depending on the payload rating the truck comes with from the factory.

Anyone have the payload capacity number for this exact 2024 Lariat PB configuration?

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Anyone have a 2024 502A Lariat with either the 2.4 or 7.2 kWh? And if so, can you share your payload capacity from the yellow door sticker?


The payload capacity of a 2024 Ford F-150 Lariat PowerBoost will vary based on specific configurations and options. Generally, a well-equipped Lariat with the PowerBoost hybrid engine tends to have a slightly lower payload capacity compared to non-hybrid models due to the additional weight of the hybrid system.

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