2015 Ford mustang v6 fastback worth it?

Hello, my people!

I’m planning to buy a car in 1-2 months and found a 2015 V6 Mustang Fastback automatic with 130,000 km (80k miles) priced at CAD 16,980. Is this a good deal? I’ve read that the 3.7 engine is reliable, but how do owners find its real-world reliability? I’m diligent with basic maintenance (oil changes, transmission fluid, etc.)—can I expect it to last more than 3 years?

Also, what are the common issues with the 2015 3.7 Mustangs? I’m concerned about potential costly repairs beyond basic maintenance. I plan to keep it mostly stock for performance, focusing on cosmetic modifications.

Lastly, what critical checks should I perform before buying the car?


I have a '14 v6 (manual) with 148k and no indications of stopping. I expect it to last between 250 and 300 thousand kilometres. -If properly maintained. I travel it on a regular basis and continue to do so throughout the winter (barring a blizzard).

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So you are saying it is basically average everywhere, correct? I would have to hope it was well-maintained in the past, but this deal looks extremely appealing to me, so it is excellent news that it appears to be trustworthy overall!