2015-2017 Mustang GT vs 2018+?

I’m in the market for a fun second car and am eyeing a Mustang GT. I don’t plan on using it for track purposes but want something that looks great, sounds impressive, and offers decent speed.

My plan is to set it up with a full bolt-on (FBO) kit, a dynotune, and possibly convert to flexfuel/e85.

With that in mind, would there be any significant advantage in opting for a third-generation Coyote engine car over a second-generation model?

I’m aware of the factory power differences (435/400 hp vs. 460/420 hp) and that the third-gen Coyote revs higher, has slightly more displacement, and higher compression. However, after the planned modifications, would these differences be noticeable? From what I’ve seen on forums, the dyno numbers for FBO setups don’t seem drastically different.