2014 Mustang GT Reviews

I am seriously considering getting a 2014 Mustang GT and would love some insights from those who have experience with this car. I’ve always been a fan of its design and the powerful V8 engine, but I’m trying to get a full picture before I take the plunge.

How’s the overall reliability of the 2014 model? Are there any common issues or quirks I should be aware of? I’ve heard mixed things about maintenance costs—what’s your experience been like with upkeep and repairs?

Also, how does it handle as a daily driver, especially in terms of comfort and fuel economy? I’ll be using it for my commute, so practicality is a bit of a concern too. Appreciate any insights from current or past owners!

I’m doing well so far, I daily mine. Although he has a longer commute, my coworker also uses a 14 GT for this. He has driven about 90,000 miles and is still going strong with no problems.

You’re gonna love the GT. Takes some effort and cash, but totally worth it!