2013 F150 FX4 - OEM Headlight Recommendations

Hey everyone,

Quick update on my F150 lighting project. Before I finalize my headlight and fog light upgrades, I’d love your input. I’m eyeing some options on Amazon, but real-world experiences matter most. Any recommendations or insights? Thanks!

I’ve been looking at options on Amazon, but hearing what people actually went with and how they’re doing is way more valuable.

Here’s what I’ve been thinking:

  • Headlights: I’m leaning towards the Morimoto XB LED assemblies. They seem to be super bright, have a cool sequential turn signal feature, and put out way more light than the stock setup according to reviews [online research about Morimoto XB F-150 headlights].
  • Fog Lights: For fog lights, I’m a bit undecided. Replacing with just LED bulbs seems easier, but some folks say the beam pattern might be wonky. Upgrading the whole fog light housing might be cleaner, but that’s definitely more involved.

Anyone have any experience with these upgrades on their F-150? Or any other brands you’d recommend checking out? All thoughts welcome!

But before I pull the trigger, I’d love to hear from anyone who has upgraded their F-150 lighting. What brands or types have worked well for you? Any to avoid?