2004 F150 Will not start possible fuse problem

Had an issue with my F150 last night. The check engine light came on, so I went to AutoZone to get the code checked. The clerk connected the scanner, but it did not read any codes. He suggested the data port fuse might be blown, so I checked the fuse box and found a blown fuse, which I replaced. However, when I tried to start the truck again, I heard a clicking sound from the fuse box and it would not start. The instrument cluster and radio have no power, but the headlights and taillights work. The truck won’t start, and I can not get the shifter out of park.

I checked the fuses and none seem to be blown, but I could not check the larger fuses and relays because I am not sure how to.

Has anyone had this problem before or know how to fix it? Any troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated.


It sounds like you’re experiencing an electrical issue in your F150.

If the data port fuse was blown and replacing it didn’t solve the problem, there might be an issue with the larger fuses or relays.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Locate the fuse/relay box, usually near the battery or under the hood.
  2. Consult your vehicle’s wiring diagram to identify the fuses and relays related to the instrument cluster and starting system.
  3. Check those fuses and relays for damage or signs of burning.
  4. If you find a blown fuse or a malfunctioning relay, replace it and try starting the truck again.
  5. If the problem persists, consider seeking professional help, as there might be a more complex issue, like a wiring problem or a faulty component in the starting system.

Remember to always prioritize safety when working on your vehicle, and never hesitate to consult a professional if you’re unsure.

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Examine blown fuses again (ignition, radio, instrument cluster) using the diagram from your owner’s manual. Clean and tighten the battery terminals. Take your F150 to a mechanic for diagnosis if you are not sure about relays.